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We have items of equipment that customers may wish to hire rather than purchase either due to high cost or the infrequent use.

The portable oil transfer units are for the movement of bulk oil, either filling systems or removal from an oil tank prior to cleaning, they have 90 micron suction and 10 micron return canister technology with automatic shut down on blocked return filter. 30 litres per minute flow rate.

The RMF units are for the fine cleaning of oil in a system, using the radial micronic filtration system they are meant for a longer term project aimed at large quantities of oil.

The internorman fluid purifier is a unit that would be required if high water content was present, the unit removes saturated and free water from oil while also cleaning the fluid.

On any of the above equipment our particle analyser can be attached which can supply a constant readout of current fluid condition.

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