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Oddy hydraulics have recently undertaken the task of designing and manufacturing an electro hydraulic power pack so that the customers existing power unit could be removed for refurbishing. The power pack is used to control the waste tipper lift in one of the largest medical incinerator plants in the UK, so no downtime could be afforded. We were asked to add into the designs energy saving equipment utilising current technologies, this has resulted in a 17% increase in productivity with a 14% reduction in energy usage. Showing once again how Oddy hydraulics, working closely with our sales partners can offer these precious modern benefits to customer's plant and equipment.

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ODDY have just completed the supply of a large quantity of control valves to the energy company that operate our power plants.

You would think nice easy job for the team, supply of a few valves..........BUT !!!!.......the valves were specials, manufactured by ODDY specially for this application, they were last batch supplied 20 years ago. Amazingly, the engineer who built and tested the last batch was still with the company.

The team had to dig out the original design and build drawings from our archive system, in amongst the cobwebs and spiders, some of the drawing dating back to 1968. The engineer who last built the valves took charge of the project and utilized our CNC machine shop for manufacture of the parts and led the team that assembled and tested the valves to the customers specifications.

This was another example of the ODDY can do attitude and the drive, enthusiasm and commitment of our specialist team.

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~~Do you have frequent breakdowns with your hydraulic systems?
Are you regularly repairing and replacing hydraulic valves and pumps?
If the answer is yes then the odds are you have a contamination issue with your hydraulic system.
It is generally agreed that around 80% of hydraulic failures are caused by contamination although this figure is seen as conservative throughout the industry and the real figure could be much higher. 
The level of “acceptable” contamination in any hydraulic system is dependent on the equipment being used and the reliability required. For instance a robotic and servo system would need to be “cleaner” than that of a typical piece of mobile plant. That being said if the cost of downtime is excessive on a piece of critical mobile plant then better maintenance and contamination control would be justified. The “cleaner” the system is the more reliable it will be and potentially the less it will cost you to run.
Here at Oddy Hydraulics we work in partnership with RMF Systems (Radial Micro Filtration) to offer what we think are the best filtration/contamination control products on the market.
But don’t take our word for it, the evidence is clear to see.
 Below is our RMF demo unit fitted with a 0.5 micron multi pass element. We have also linked in our MP Filtri LPA particle counter to allow “real time” monitoring of the oil cleanliness see fig 1. After a few minutes of running a particle count was taken and showed a reading of NAS 5 or ISO 14/13/11 as can be seen in figure 2. This level of contamination is suitable for servo valves and robotic equipment. We then introduced a large percentage of contamination in the form of graphite powder fig 3. This was mixed with a small amount of oil to allow rapid dispersion in the hydraulic system as seen in fig 4 and fig 5. We then carried out another particle count with our LPA which return a reading of unclassified. This is due to the amount of contamination being too great to analyse as seen in fig 6.
This amount of contamination in any hydraulic system will lead to imminent component failure if not removed rapidly. As you can see from fig 7 the amount of visible contamination was greatly reduced after 15 minutes of running. After 40 minutes we ran our LPA particle counter which produced a reading of NAS 12 or ISO 21/20/17 which is well on the way to an acceptable level of contamination in a very short space of time. This is due to the unique micro filter element utilising the radial through-flow principle.
The primarily cellulose element is produced by a special wrapping method. This is capable of retaining large amounts of solid particles and water for its size.
Want to see this for yourself? No problem. Just contact our sales office who will be happy to arrange for an engineer to call to your site and demo this unit. We can also discuss the full range of products available and arrange for any oil analysis that may be required.
The solution to your contamination issues are just a call away.

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Oddy Hydraulics Manufacture Cylinders

Break down situations require a quick response, at Oddy Hydraulics we specialise in Fast response break down support. We aim to reduce your downtime and get you back up and running as fast as possible.

Manufacturer lead time issues can be a costly. Hours turn into days, days can turn into weeks. Our experienced sales staff have the expertise and contacts to ensure your downtime is kept to a absolute minimum, with extensive stocks of most hydraulic components on our shelves at our Leeds facility. We also have the ability to scour the globe to find your required component in the fastest possible time.

Our in house machine shop has the capability to produce and repair standard and bespoke hydraulic cylinders on a fast turnaround.

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