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Oddy hydraulics keeps the gritters of great Britain moving with Bosch Rexroth Gear pump modifacations. For several years oddy have carried out a specialist modifaction of a standard Bosch Rexoth tandem gearpump for our North Yorkshire based customer, to produce a combined custom flow requirement at low engine speed. The pumps are supplied ready to install with all connection components cutting down our customers assembly costs.


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Oddy hydraulics recently received the order to supply one of Bosch Rexroth's largest pilot operated directional spool valves ever in the UK. It had a towering size 82 main stage and was impressively completed with a size 10 pilot valve. The valve weighed over 200kg and was over half a metre in length. As always we worked closely with our Sales partner Bosch Rexroth to make sure we delivered exactly what our customer required in the quickest time possible. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customer for their continued belief in our companies many services and look forward to many more years of satisfied custom.

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~~Oddy Hydraulics has become a bit of a specialist in show event hydraulic systems.

we have recently designed, built and commissioned the show hydraulic systems for the opening and closing ceremony of the inaugural European games in Baku, Azerbaijan. We worked closely with our partners Bosch Rexroth and moog controls on the project and supplied the equipment on time and in budget. The supply included two 90KW power units and four winch saftey brake systems.

The customer was delighted with the end product and if you saw the ceremonies you would have seen the shows went without a hitch. i have to say myself the shows were visually stunning

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Oddy Hydraulics were commissioned by a company associated with worldwide supply to the rail industry, to re-design and manufacture the ageing hydraulic systems for the 6 production lines they had. The machines were steel bar forming machines. We were asked to incorporate new technology to increase productivity and reduce the power consumption. The re-design included changing two of the processes to hydraulic servo axis control and changing the power unit pump system to variable delivery energy saving systems. These changes were seamlessly introduced into the process and the company reported a 22% increase in productivity with a 15% decrease in power consumption.

The company were so delighted with the results that another 3 lines have now been upgraded in the UK and the first overseas lines in Brazil and Korea have just placed orders with us via the UK office.

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A global supply company approached us to look at the feasibility of designing a portable hose swaging machine for the oil field industry. We had already designed and built the hydraulic system for a static workshop unit.

The workshop unit had 120 tonnes of swaging force but the company wanted to make a portable version that could be easily transported around the world, with the same forces. We looked at this and designed and built a unit using 700 bar hydraulic technology. Up to now we have built 7 units that are operating all over the world in the most arduous conditions, from the frozen ice of the arctic to the heat and humidity of Central America.

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