CASE STUDY: Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility

Here’s a snapshot into the work we have completed recently with a recycling and energy recovery business.

Scope of work:

Servicing, supply, and preventative maintenance of all on-site hydraulic equipment during planned shutdowns including outage periods. Year-round support offered for all emergency breakdown situations.


Various sites throughout the UK.


Client Background:

A leading name in energy and waste management which has several energy recovery sites situated across UK. The purpose of these sites is to generate renewable energy through burning household waste and converting the energy produced into electricity.

Initial Contact:

Oddy Hydraulics Ltd were approached by the maintenance team of a local Recycling and Energy Recovery facility following a reported a breakdown in one of their processing plants. The plant had to stop its operations due to the failure of the hydraulic system. The company was making significant financial losses as the facility was producing zero electricity.

Oddy Hydraulics dispatched experienced engineers to assess, report and repair the hydraulic system and fault.

Here’s some of the services carried out by the team:

1. Inspection of the hydraulic system:

The team conducted a thorough inspection of the hydraulic system to identify the root cause of the failure. They discovered that the hydraulic pump wasn’t functioning correctly and leading to a lack of hydraulic pressure in the system.

2. Hydraulic pump replacement:

The team sourced a replacement pump from one of our suppliers which we had dispatched the same day to our works. We were then able to pre-set the pumps pressure and flows to the correct settings ready to install the replacement unit which is submerged in the reservoir onsite. Once installed the system was back up and running with very little downtime.

3. Hose replacement:

Upon inspection, the team also discovered several damaged/worn hydraulic pressure hoses inside the tank that needed to be replaced. New replacements were made in-house and fitted.

4. System testing:

After replacing the hydraulic pump and damaged hoses the complete hydraulic system was tested to ensure the system was functioning correctly. All original valve settings were restored while carrying out leak and pressure checks around the system.


After completing the repair work, the team handed over the facility. The hydraulic system was fully operational once again, and the facility resumed its operations. As a result, the energy recovery plant began to produce electricity again, avoiding significant financial losses.


Hydraulic maintenance and repair work is essential for the smooth operation of any production facility and companies must stay vigilant about any signs of hydraulic component wear and system failure. Always consult a competent hydraulic engineer / company immediately should you suspect any issues to avoid potential losses.

After Oddy Hydraulics Ltd resolved the existing breakdown issue we were then tasked with assessing and reporting on all their on-site hydraulic equipment to put together a proposed service plan.

A detailed proposal was drafted together along with costings to look after all on-site hydraulic power units and associated equipment over a 12-month period consisting of multiple planned service visits across the year.

A successful proposal saw Oddy Hydraulics Ltd receive orders for the first site service contract in the summer of 2022 and since then they now have annual service plans in place with the same company for multiple sites across the country.

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