ODDY’S Launches Fresh, New Brand Identity

To coincide with what has been a year of exciting developments and investments at Oddy Hydraulics has relaunched its identity, after over 60 years, with a new contemporary look and feel.
Whilst elements of the current identity, such as the red and blue have been retained, along with the strapline ‘Power in Motion’, the identity has been replaced with a new, more contemporary, iconic logo. Exploring the initials of the ‘O’ and ‘H’, the letters have been brought together in a symbolic circle, representing a component, and can be consistently applied as a ‘stamp’ to all products and material.  The red and blue have been energetically applied to the background to create a sense of fluidity and motion.
The new branding reinforces Oddy’s position as a ‘leading provider of hydraulic repairs, service, design and supply’ and will be launched from mid April, both locally in Leeds and on a national level. It will be visible on all marketing communications including the company’s website, brochure and stationery. Social media will also play a bigger part in Oddy’s sales and marketing strategy.
For more information, please contact our team.
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