29.04.67 – 23.08.18

Joining Oddy Hydraulics in the late 80’s as a young, ambitious 20 year old, Simon Mace soon became an integral part of Oddy Hydraulics and was an influential, key contribution to the success and the shaping of the Oddy Hydraulics we all know today.

Working his way up in the business early on, he was respected both internally by his team and more widely in the industry as a whole by suppliers, clients and peers alike.

His approachability, patience and ability to work with people at all levels, saw Simon at a very young age become Managing Director of Oddy Hydraulics in 1987 and in 2015, a management buy-out saw Simon take over the business.

He continued to develop the Oddy’s offering during the latter years of his life and it was Simon’s passion and drive that saw the business evolve, developing new client relationships, overseeing new, more ambitious projects and a move to larger facilities in his home town of Leeds.

In 2018, very sadly and unexpectedly Simon passed away. Greatly missed by his Oddy’s family, we are 100% committed to continuing Simon’s ambition and vision for the business and with the support and dedication of the Mace family we will ensure Simon’s passion is kept alive as the business continues to move forward in his memory.