Signs that your hydraulic system might need servicing

If Hydraulics are an important part of your production, you should be keeping up the maintenance of the systems you have in place. However, as with everything, some things cannot be prevented and can sometimes fail.

Whilst your hydraulic pump should last for years if maintained correctly, this is the most common part to fail.

Things to look out for when maintaining your system include:


Abnormal sounds
If you start to hear unusual noises coming from your hydraulic system, it could be a sign that something is amiss. It might be that your system is still functioning as normal, but this could be an early warning sign that something isn’t performing as it should.

The common types of noises include a banging or knocking sound which could suggest that there is aeration or cavitation in your system. This could result in serious damage or even catastrophic failure and therefore it is essential to have your system looked at as soon as possible to prevent further damage.


It goes without saying, if you see a leak in your system, it’s important to get it repaired. All too often, some leaks in your system can go unnoticed. If the pressure within your system drops suddenly, then it may be that you have a leaking component in your system.

Some of these types of issues can be easily dealt with. Try tightening the component initially and if that doesn’t work, it may be that the seal has failed so this would need replacing. If a leak is left unresolved it will only get worse and can lead too, in some cases, system failure.


Failed seals
Seals can often fail but more importantly, if this is a recurring issue which doesn’t seem to be getting any better, there could be a more serious problem. It could be that the current seals are not suitable for the hydraulic fluid you are using, or the component has been installed incorrectly resulting in poor sealing. A common failing in cylinder seals is due to contamination, improper installation and side loads on the cylinder, all of which affects the performance of your system.


Hydraulic Systems run at an optimum temperature, if the system begins to run hot it can be a sign that something needs attention. Common causes off overheating are contaminated hydraulic fluid, oil starvation, component wear and incorrect pressure setting all of which unresolved can cause system failure.

It might be that you don’t have the time or expertise to be able to keep up to the maintenance of your hydraulic system’s – not to worry, Oddy Hydraulics are more than happy to help support you with your hydraulic needs whether it be a breakdown or scheduled work.

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