REXROTH Directional Valve Size 10

REXROTH Directional Valve Size 10


Brand: REXROTH | Part Number: WM-WN-WP-WHD RE22331

Types WM., WN, WP and WHD
4/3, 4/2 and 3/2 directional valve with mechanical, manual and fluidic actuation

Valves of type WM. are mechanically, manually operated directional spool valves, those of types WN, WP and WHD are fluidically operated.

They control the start, stop and direction of a flow.

These directional valves basically consist of housing (1), one actuating element (2.1) (roller plunger, hand lever, rotary knob) or two actuating elements (2.2) (hydraulic, pneumatic actuator), control spool (3) and one or two return springs (4).

In the non-operated condition, control spool (3) is held by return springs (4) – in the case of rotary knob operation by detent (5) – in the central or initial position (an exception are impulse spools with hydraulic or pneumatic actuation). The actuating elements shift control spool (3) to the desired position.

Size 10
Component series 3X
Maximum operating pressure 315 bar [4569 psi]
Maximum flow 120 l/min [31.7 US gpm]